Saturday, May 19, 2012


1 week. 1 yard of denim and twill. 3 yards of linen. Grommets.  Some ribbon.  Result?

A rockin' Renn Faire!

(Hopefully this is a good omen for the rest of my projects this year . . .)

Did my cutting out while watching BBC's "Robin Hood"

Cap was whipped-up by Sami in the car on the way :-)  Red petticoat was finished Monday night.  The vest, with green edging and yellow ribbon over the boning in the front, was finished at 9am the day-of ;-P

Monday, May 14, 2012

This Year's "Laundry" List

By December 16th: A 14th-century gown worthy of a lady of Laketown

By November 17th: 1 1860s mourning dress + bonnet w/veil + 1 silk ballgown

By September 1st: Redo skirt on 1860s navy gown, finish trim on top of navy gown.

By July 8th: 1770s stays + take-in 1770s short-gown

By June 22nd: 1 1950s dress for my sister (Happy 25th, kid!)

By THIS SATURDAY (May 18th): 1 Renaissance bodice + under-petticoat COMING RIGHT UP!!!!

[Maggie to Sami: "WHY ARE WE CRAZY??!!"  Sami to Maggie: "Because we're awesome!"]

See y'all on the other side! (I'll try & post pics . . . :-/)