Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ladders (or lack of) and Sword-Wrist

So, yes, focusing a stage-light is not that complicated, but it does involve techie things like knobs and wrenches and knowing which way is left. Luckily, stage-light-pipes lower down to the stage, so no ladders were involved today. They will be next week, I'm told. Oh dear.

In other knews: rapiers are hard on the wrist. We practiced flourishes in Stage-Fighting yesterday for an hour. I'm sure I looked like D'Artagnan's incompetant little sister most of the time. Oh well. Here's to ET stage-fights and not knowing what your doing!!


  1. I ADORE your labels, incidentally. They fill me with amusement.

    Welcome to Bloggerdom. :-)

  2. Yes, it is kind of hard on the wrist...but thin how graceful you will be after this. :-)

  3. i've wanted to check on this far too long. Glad I found you. Hopes loom high that you're still here... Hello? (love the green 'n blue. sigh.)