Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trips Down Memory Lane

Is it incredibly egotistical to enjoy reading over one's old blogposts? I went back to my old PHC blog the other day and spent much more time than I should've re-living old romances, adventures, and many, many nights of "Oh, God, am I still going to be alive when this paper is over?" (On a related note, I think I should get "prophetess points" for seeing ominous portents in the sky the January before the Great Recession reached it's low-point ;-P)

Comparitively, my life is so EASY now.

It's also a lot less fun.

Well, okay, it still is fun. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to write a good post on my new hobby - Civil War Reenacting - which is a BLAST. So, I'm not going to mope (sorry if my last post came across as overly-mopey and self-pitiful - it's been cloudy and cold here and I think it's affecting my mood). But it might be nice for an adventure or two to come knocking.

In books, the heroes always say things like this before the Evil Dragon comes and burns down their village, kills there family, and squashes their cows.



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