Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fightin' fer my rat . . .

Oh, the dangers of trying historical experiments without communicating with one's house-mates/family.

I got the idea from these lovely ladies to gather some of my own hair from my brush everyday in order to make a "rat" - a net-wrapped clump of your own hair which can be used "Bump-it" style to create the symmetrical-and-wide-on-the-sides hairstyle which was so popular in the 1860s (now if only it looked good with my facial structure - sigh.  I can see the suffragette slogan now: "Style Rights for the Round-Faced!").  Of course, unless your hair falls out in reliable clumps every time you brush, it can take a while to gather the right amount of hair needed to make 2 rats.  But I was willing to give it a quasi-patient try.  I got a plastic bag and began to diligently deposit strands of stray hair from my brush each day.  I also forgot to label it.

So, one day, Mama-Bear comes along and, reaching into the bathroom drawer (did I mention she likes to do things without turning the lights on?), pulls out a plastic bag in which to store her toothbrush for a weekend trip . . .

My baby "rat" was thrown away in horror and disgust in a hotel somewhere in Orange County.  Why is it people are so freaked out by hair simply because it is no longer attached to someone's scalp?  It's made of the same stuff and keeps the same properties off your head as on it . . . but everybody shivers when they find hair anywhere but growing from their own bodies.

So, yes, starting over on the whole "rat" project.  And mom knows it's there now, so, hopefully there will be no more defiling of toothbrushes.

Until, I, oh, I don't know, try making toothpaste out of chalk and Strontium . . . ;-)

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