Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The angels are laughing . . .

So - after a week in which I had realized how rapidly povertous I was becoming (&%$#!!% health insurance!!), and a night in which I cried alot over my rapidly approaching poverty, I answered my cell phone today and who should be on the other end but an interviewer from the U.S. Census Bureau, calling about the application I sent them back in February (Uncle Sam: "We get the job done. Late."). Seems they want me to start work for them as a "Lister" starting next week (sounds like a position at Dickens' "Circumlocution Office"!! I think it mostly involves interviewing people and verifying addresses . . .)

I'm limp with relief. Of course, it doesn't solve all my problems (God knows I still need to learn how to Trust). Pray that the hours will be flexible enough to allow me to finish out the semester at school, stage-manage the Fight Show, and still get hours at my other job (Laundress Extraordinaire!).

God is good.


  1. There's nothing like government for work in a recession. Another reason why it is better even to study PT. ;) Good luck! :D

  2. I just find it mildly ironic that the anti-government gypsy is working for the government now... Good luck!

  3. I have just completed training for the exact same job. You are correct in what it consists of. The Census Bureau needs to update its address lists to take account of those changes in the past ten years that they don't yet know about, so they have to send people to every Living Quarters (LQ) in the USA. The hours are usually fairly flexible.
    One more thing: the committee that created the training materials, ID badge, and so forth was apparently unable to agree on a job title--sometimes you're referred to as a "lister," sometimes as an "enumerator." Isn't government fun?

  4. If i've decided anything about the government my first day of training it's that it must really hate trees. This manual weighs @ 10 pounds, and I'm positive half this information is either repetitive or superfluous...

  5. Think of the Government as a fish, and paperwork as the sea. Without a lot of paperwork to swim through the government would founder and die. :-)