Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vita Theatrum

So, having successfully finished out a year of theater classes at LBCC, crewing two shows and stage managing a third, I've landed a (non-paying) "gig" at Little Fish Theater in San Pedro as Assistant Stage Manager for their late-summer show (it was going to be Tartuffe, but now I think they're changing it to something else instead).

Anyway, it seems the theater bug has kept firmly attached even 3000 miles away from Eden Troupe, and it's not letting go any time soon. Thus, I'm fairly sure this is something I'm supposed to pursue further. I've signed up for more theater classes at LBCC next fall, with the hopes of earning enough credits to merit applying for a grad degree in techinical theater sometime next year.

In other words, I now have a plan. Or something like it. (Whether I'll have the money/time/job/etc. to implement the plan is something else altogether . . .)

A plan which makes me wonder whether I should've just gotten a degree in theater in the first place. PHC was, I suppose, central to my realization that I LOVED this stuff. And writing will always be my first love, I suppose. We'll see how effectively I can implement my writing skills in with my theatrical skills.

Anybody feel like producing the play I'm writing: The Good Dozen [working title], a play about the Twelve Disciples set in a contemporary context? :-D

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  1. I'd be more than happy to produce for you, just as soon as my great plan to take over the world works out.