Monday, September 28, 2009

Latte vs. Mocha

In answer to Otters' question: a Mocha is a Latte made with chocolate sauce instead of some other flavoring or no flavoring at all (that's what a basic latte is: espresso + hot or cold milk). It's just a very popular KIND of Latte, so it gets its own category. The WORD "mocha" actually derives from an Arabic term for a region in Yemen where they grow a type of coffee with a chocolately aroma.

I am such a Starbucks geek. It's really, really sad.

In other news - I got my first really freakish Starbucks-Princess-Customer experience today. Lady threw an utter tantrum - called me an idiot and worse, cussed out my manager, was in general a complete you-know-the-b-word-I-want-to-put-here.

Because I charged her 40 extra cents for Soy milk in her Venti Americano.

40 $%#$!! EXTRA CENTS.

The thing is, if she had asked me nicely to take the charge off - I would've. But no. She called me an idiot right off.

Clue to Getting What You Want at Starbucks #1: BE NICE. It won't kill you. And we will give you what you want, most of the time. But treat us like our only purpose in life is to lick your Gucci high-heels and we will smile and very politely tell you, "Sorry, that's our policy."


  1. ROFL! Thanks for the in-depth explanation.

    I know the feeling about the customer. My case-workers get a similar problem. I think "Be Nice" is just a good principle for life.

  2. I. Can. IDENTIFY.

    Working at an upscale restaurant in DC for the last year brought me closer than I ever want to be again to idiot rich kids, inflated congressmen & staffers, smarmy lobbyists, and know-it-all politicos who sneered down their noses at us. Daily. Day after day after day. No matter what you do, it is never good enough. No matter how far you bend over backwards.... I wanted to turn into my Discipulae alter-ego and bash some heads in.

  3. We need an update! Pretty please?

  4. I hope you haven't chewed off your typing fingers in a misguided frenzy of self-censorship. What I really hope is that you are doing well and will continue to write what you learn on your journey through life. Having followed your work with ET@PHC I'm curious to see how your LBCC and southern California work has gone. [I'm not discounting the reports on your life as a coffee peddler; interested in the rest of your life, growth and adventure, too.]

    By the way, I was very pleased with ET's version of "The Crucible" this year, but missed their spring show because of a family event.