Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Return of the Maggery (if only for a moment)

Well, if only to prove to Mr. Sackrider that I haven't chewed my fingers off, I'm back. Happening in my life at the moment:

- A HECKA LOT OF THEATER. I finished stage-managing the AMAZING 2nd annual Shanks & Giggles fight-show at LBCC in May. I then volunteered to assistant-stage-manage The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged!) at the same institution. We're in the throws of rehearsals for this show at the moment, and it's been exciting, to say the least (We have no conclusion but that the Bureaucrats who run LBCC hate theater: nearly lost an actor to registration woes and Certain Insurance Rules forced us to rehearse in a local park w/ 1/5 of our props for a couple days.) Play goes up the 22nd-25th of July, 8pm at the Black Box theater at LBCC, Liberal Arts Campus. Come see this amazingly hilarious parody (which I may write about in more detail later). And in a couple weeks I'm also going to be jumping in as (stage manager? production assistant? tech-person? Hasn't been made exactly clear . . . :-/) for a local-theater production of Romeo & Juliet (may also we taking a small part as a "dancer" during the party scene). I'm pretty much sure I'll be dead of theater-induced heart-attack by the end of August.

- HOUSESITTING. Almost always in houses with cats. One of which attacked me the other day (Nasty four-claw swipe. NOT a cutter, people, I'm just taking care of a small, clawed, psychotic mammal)

- I, er, went on a very pleasant, er, date on Friday. That's all I'm gonna say. :-P


  1. Yay! I missed the Maggery. I would always see your blog on my Google homepage and hope for a new post.

  2. Oh, and I love your new layout. :)

  3. You're back! And the new page layout is darn nifty.

    Do, indeed, keep us posted. Or keep your blog posted. Or something. :-)

  4. C'mon man! Three months of silence! Let's getta heave!